Gay Petts Wood HISTORY


Updated 17th July 2019
Deleted all old links, added new social dates, Met Police links

Updated 7th June 2017
Deleted all old links, added new social dates, Met Police links

Updated 27th July 2016
Long over due makeover, deleted all old links, added new social dates, Met Police links

Updated 24th November 2011
Added Christmas event

Updated 28th June 2011
Added new photo of Petts Wood Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Updated 1st June 2011
Events updated, Summer BBQ and London pride event

Updated 14th January 2011
Events Updated, weekly Tuesday night at PW Wetherspoons 

Updated 19th July 2010
GPW BBQ report added and Tuesday night at Wetherspoons 

Updated 9th July 2010
added new links and amended Police contact details 

Updated 3rd June 2010
added dates for summer events

Updated 4th November 2009
added Christmas event details

Updated 27th May 2009
added dates for summer GPW BBQ, amended police contact details (again!)

Updated 16th January 2009
Link to new Facebook Group

Updated 28th July 2008
Events Updated

Updated 24th June 2008
amended homepage, added BBQ event and police contact details 

Updated 12th February 2008
amended homepage

Updated 7th November 2007
added new link to links page

Updated 5th November 2007
amended homepage and removed broken links

Updated 1st May 2007
amended meeting dates for Bromley forum

Updated 20th March 2007
amended HTML and added new guest book form

Updated 11th January 2007
updated "Star and Garter" page plus For security reasons "" have decided to temporary withdraw the guest book functionality on customer BT Openworld web pages.

Updated 21st November 2006
added news about Bromley's newest gay pub "Star and Garter"

Updated 16th October 2006
amended links pages, new date for Bromley LGBT forum.

Updated 8th August 2006
amended C&A page

Updated 1st August 2006
new Sexual Health page added

Updated 27th July 2006
new launch of Bromley LGBT forum

Updated 6th June 2006
removed "outliving project" link
added equality links to links page

Updated 16th January 2006
added the "outliving project" link

Updated 6th January 2006
added new links and updated guest book entries

Updated 2nd August 2005
added new links and new Bromley LGBT community forum details

Updated 26th July 2005
new links added and C&A page amended

Updated 14th July 2005
Bromley campaign added

updated 11th March 2005
tidy up of old files and guest book

updated 20th May 2004
site a year old this week
added new page of Crown and Anchor details and whereabouts map

updated 7th April 2004
added new page Bromley Contacts and Services

updated 11th January 2004
amended text and guest book

updated 20th November 2003
new front page & links page added

updated 30th october 2003
added picture gallery

update 29th September 2003
addition text, modified guest book

update 6th July 2003
added guest book

Site created 12th May 2003

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